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95 Decibels is a powerful film about a young family who suspect their first child isn't hearing.  Having limited experience with deafness, the parents of Sophia must determine which medical options and communication strategies will best serve their toddler daughter. They seek the advice of medical professionals as well as parents of other hearing-impaired children in coming to terms with the decisions ... making these decisions becomes difficult and dramatic.

95 Decibels explores the emotional obstacles parents face when they get an unexpected diagnosis of hearing loss for their child. This at times heartbreaking film is based on a true story.

95 Decibels  trailer

95 Decibels DVDs can be ordered at our online store.

Versions available with English and Spanish subtitles

DVDs include bonus footage. 

Cast photo: (left to right) Suzana Nikolic, Tyler Hollinger, Megan Corry, Krista Amigone, Jared Canfield, Susannah Frazier, Thomas Poarch and Goran Visnijc from NBC's ER (bottom).

Below: Miranda Meyers, subject of the film and panelist at the 2nd Dublin screening of 95 Decibels at the Irish Film Institute on June 10, 2017.

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